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Dear Schools; and Sponsors

This is a new concept to help you establish a papermaking studio at your school and co-sponsor a school in a developing country.

For each school we help in a developed country then half of their sponsoship will go to helping a school in a developing country.

If you sponsor your school for $20,000 then we can set up a papermakng facility to half your value of sponsorship $10,000 and thus help another school for $10,000. This includes some equipment; workshops and other ongoing support. The school students can then help eachother and learn much cultural wisdom while makng paper and printing books for their school.

This give Paper and Books right to a school that needs them in a developing country.



Some schools have already expressed an interest in the project.

The First in need is in Fiji; the Village of Wainimakutu, in the highlands of Namosi, some 3-4 hours 4wd above Suva. 

Please nominate your school as a potential sponsor/ in need of help

Email Leslie to discuss this concept more:

Some books are ready for printing for school children
The Magic Garden : a lovely story of adventure exploring a magic garden:
The Great Gran Mother of Grog: A pacific story of the the history of yogona,....as told over a bowl of grog and dancing-meke
Be(m)be, the Fijian Butterfly;
Duna the Electric Eel
Prawns Eels and Coconuts
Fairies in My House

or you can sponsor one book for $10
for one school to receive one copy
or a set of 6 for $60 to a school of your choice.

thank you


Special thanks to Virisila for translating "No Fruit on the Coconut Tree" for her uncle Tomasi